Build a Great Career Using PHD

By eLoft Careers Modified on June 17, 2019

Earn your dream job with patience, hard work and determination.

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Most of us have heard the saying “Rome wasn't built in a day.” This expression has survived for hundreds of years to convey the idea that achieving great things takes patience, hard work and determination. Great careers are not built in a day, either. The constant images and information we are bombarded with on social platforms can lead us to believe that others have it easy and make us wonder why thing are so hard for us. But if you take some time to speak with people who have achieved career success, they will likely share a journey of ups and downs, challenges and tough decisions. Building a great career absolutely takes Patience, Hard work and Determination. Let’s look more closely at the process of PHD.


Building a great career takes time. Let’s be honest — you'll be working for decades of your life, and it will take time to move up and attain a more challenging, senior position.

  • Early in your career — especially if you are new to the country, changing careers or there are limited positions in your field — be open to stepping stone positions that will help you develop new skills and support continuous learning and growth
  • Smaller organizations can be great stepping stones to larger employers. They tend to be more entrepreneurial and flexible, giving you an opportunity to try different things and gain a broad range of skills and experience. Although your goal may be to work with a large, well-known employer, consider starting smaller and working your way towards your dream job
  • Be patient in both your search and your journey. When you do land a job, take the time to learn it from the ground up, and perform at your best, to set the stage for future opportunities

Hard Work

Job searching is hard work. It's easy to think of a million things you'd rather do than look for a job! Here are some tips to help you stay focused on your goals.

  • Job hunting is difficult, and often demands we do things in which we have no skill or experience — be prepared for this!
  • Seek advice and support from people who understand what it takes to land a job in today’s market
  • There is a correlation between the work you put into your job search and how quickly you land a position
  • Finally, make a plan for what you'll do each day and stick to it!


Determination job searching and career building is about never giving up on your goals and dreams. Here's some advice to inspire you.

  • Ask for help from a career professional, a friend, or family member, and be open to their feedback and suggestions
  • Wake up every day and bring your ‘best you’ to your job search. Be positive, be energized and believe in yourself!
  • If you find yourself feeling discouraged, it's okay to take a break. You'll face tough moments and rejection. If this happens, give yourself permission to take an afternoon, a day, or even a few days off to reset and refocus. Rest will do you a world of good
  • Become an active learner to stay marketable and employable for life. Perhaps you're already attending school to sharpen your skills and knowledge — good for you! Employers need people who demonstrate active learning. If you're further along in your career and looking for work, make yourself more attractive to employers by taking a course or furthering your education — this will show potential employers that you are open and always learning

Good luck building your career using PHD! Get more career building advice at eLoft Careers.

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