How do You Choose the Right University?

By University of Regina Modified on March 12, 2019

What should you focus on? Take the time to find the best fit for you!


If you have been accepted to more than one university, deciding which offer to accept can seem daunting. We spoke to two University of Regina students to find out what they considered when making this important decision.

For Marisa Loney, a nursing student from Winnipeg, it was important to consider the distance from her family home. She also took into account campus life, the size of the campus, the quality of her program, and housing. She said “I wanted housing to feel like a second home. Living in College West has been a great experience and it has really provided me with a sense of community”.

When asked what advice she would give to a student trying to decide which offer to accept, she said “I would tell them to take their time when deciding. I found that it really helped to visit the campus a few times. Also, when it comes down to deciding just forget about everything and go with your gut and what you think you are going to most enjoy”.

Saied Hooshyar, a science student from Iran, considered location as well when he was evaluating universities, but for him it was more about living expenses, public transportation, and the culture of the city. He also analysed tuition, scholarships, and university supports.

In terms of advice, Saied encouraged students to make a list of their priorities and use it to evaluate the universities they are interested in. He remarked that “it is obviously an important decision in somebody's life. But the mechanism is not much different than choosing a flight or hotel using your favourite booking website.”

So whether you go with your gut or your carefully considered list, take the time to make sure you are selecting an offer that is the best fit for you.