Gap Years: Why Delaying School Makes Sense

By Canadian Gap Year Association Modified on February 23, 2019

Taking time to pause, gain life-experience and make better decisions benefits all students


Deciding on Post-Secondary is Stressful- There is immense pressure to know what you want to do and to be qualified and skilled enough to get into a post-secondary program. North American society has created a false urgency that pushes students into decisions without giving them enough space, time and resources. Australia, New Zealand and Europe have had the solution for decades –gap year. Canada is now catching up and students are confidently taking gap years.

More Life Experience = Better Decisions– Who knows what an engineer really does? Take time to job shadow, volunteer, travel and gain life experience. These new experiences will help you develop transferrable, foundational skills and provide new perspectives that will shape who you are.You will also have more interesting stories to tell your friends, family and future employers!

Put Your Best Foot Forward– Coming out of high school can leave you burnt out. Taking time to recharge your battery, become more confident in your decision to return to your studies and having spent time caringfor your physical and mental health will help you to be more productive and successful in your post-secondary program.

Gappers Out-Perform Non-Gappers– According to an alum study performed by the Gap Year Association (2015), upon returning to post-secondary, those who have taken gap year:

  • Have higher GPAs than non-gappers
  • Finish their degree/diploma in fewer years
  • Are more likely to be involved in leadership activities on campus
Taking a gap year requires that you are willing to be bold and take a path less traveled but the rewards are life-long –new friends, new memories, new skills, new perspectives and an ability to be more successful in the next steps of your life.

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