A Girl Power Approach to Education!

By St. Margaret's School Modified on December 19, 2018

How All-Girls Schools are Shaping this Generation’s Confident Girls


All-girls independent schools offer an alternative to the traditional co-ed public school system and provide a single-sex environment where young women thrive, gain confidence and find belonging.

At all-girls schools, girls get every opportunity to shine and take leadership positions. What do the captain of the debate club, the student council president, the captain of the basketball team all have in common at St. Margaret’s School? For starters, they’re all girls! Confident, well adjusted, community-oriented girls!

What happens when they graduate? Are students from all-girls schools prepared for university? In fact, graduates of all-girls schools often show higher achievement, higher self-esteem and a greater sense of accomplishment than graduates from typical co-ed high schools.

Drawing upon the strengths of girls, all-girls schools seek to build confidence and raise expectations by providing opportunities that they simply won’t find anywhere else. Programming is often designed to provide girls with the skills, attitudes and self-knowledge required to recognize her own interests, set her own course and shape her own dreams while traditional attitudes about girls’ subjects, career choices and sports are lost. Self-motivated students succeed as they take full advantage of the ample opportunities available, including the opportunity to focus on their own goals.

Many internationally accessible single-gendered schools in Canada offer English as a second language (ESL), and schools such as St. Margaret’s also offer boarding options. Boarding allows girls from all over the world to collaborate inside and outside of the classroom to gain global competence.

Above all, the all-girls learning environment strives to create an empowering environment for every student. Girls have the freedom to be daring, explore, try new things and try on new roles. They excel academically because they participate fully and enthusiastically in the classroom; they make challenging career choices because they are confident in their ability to succeed in any subject; and they believe in their futures because they are certain of their worth and their potential.

A focus on female empowerment is the real all-girls advantage, and confident girls become inspiring women!

Interested in exploring an all-girls boarding school?! Check out St. Margaret’s School, one of Canada’s top all-girls boarding schools at www.stmarg.ca.

Feeling inspired to do more research on the benefits of an all-girls education? Check out the National Coalition of Girls Schools (NCGS), a leader in research on all-girls education at www.ncgs.org!

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