The World is Literally Yours Through Study Abroad

By University of Northern British Columbia Modified on November 10, 2018

When Travel Opportunities and School Credits Come Together


Going to University is about a lot more than a formal Education. Take ‘travel’ for example: did you know you can earn university course credits while traveling? It’s true. It’s called “studying abroad.”

The University of Northern British Columbia not only offers Field School courses which allow students hands-on learning and research opportunities outside in the natural environment (courses in BC as well as in foreign locales), we also have a wider learning landscape than you may know. Get this: we’ve got recognized International Exchange partnership agreements with 37 institutions in 15 different countries.

Talk about big travel and study options!! And it only costs that semester’s tuition and fees (plus airfare, of course, but there are scholarships just for that!)

1. International Exchange is another option. Exchange furthers globalization and community mindedness through participation and academic exercise, and who wouldn’t benefit from that?! If you’ve successfully completed a minimum 30 credit hours at UNBC with a 2.67 (or better) GPA, you can apply to spend up to one year studying abroad, and earn more UNBC credits during that time. It’s a fantastic way to expand your research, vision, Self, and career!

2. north2north Mobility is offered via the University of the Arctic UArctic is a cooperative network of colleges, universities and other organizations partnered together for Northern learning and research: Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden to be precise. Students travel to other northern locations to study northern-specific issues and regions. From Design to Earth Science, Law to Social Services, Transportation to Agriculture, the fields of study are extensive!

a. And if north2north sounds good but you’re just not able to commit to travelling abroad, there’s the Bachelor of Arts in Northern Studies (NORS). This program features the best of both worlds really, with web-based courses offered in conjunction with the University of the Arctic. Courses focus on the Circumpolar North, Culture, People and northern Environment(s), all from the comfort of your home campus. Graduate with a degree that sets you above and apart in your future career.

3. Go local, go Co-op (not ‘Coop’). Co-operative Education caters to a huge variety of disciplines and specialties by providing students with learning, earning, and experience from inside the employment world. Although foreign co-op placements are possible, if International travel and/or a Northern-focus doesn’t float your boat, plan a local adventure instead! Network and improve your skills while you earn course credits and wages! Is there anything better than practical work experience that directly aligns with your degree and career interests, before you graduate? Call the Co-operative Education Lead (250-960-5447) for details, and check out our Cooperative Education Centre . It’s always a good time to get a major head start on your future.

University is about Life Skills. Live large, ask questions, explore student resources, and enjoy learning like never before! Grow into the discipline and career that suits you. Life is more than a paycheck—establish good habits now, and be fulfilled later. Maximize your SELF, and become your best at UNBC!
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