7 Things You Can’t Live Without In Residence

By Western University Modified on June 13, 2018

We asked Western students and alumni what they wish they packed for first year.

You’re so close to starting university! Are you ready to get a head start on packing? Most first-year students choose to live in residence and we don’t want you to forget any essential items for your room. We asked some Western students and alumni to tell us the most important items for the first year, and they came up with this list:

  1. 1) Shower shoes/flip flops

    Cheap flip flops are perfect for walking to and from the shower, especially if you’re living in a traditional style residence. - Anisha

  2. 2) Shower caddy

    Have you seen those nifty caddies that hold all your bathroom stuff? Way easier than trying to juggle shampoo, toothpaste and everything else. - Rahul

  3. 3) Rain gear

    An umbrella is a must for walking to class, but rain boots and a rain jacket with a hood are highly recommended (unless you like sitting in wet clothes during a three-hour biology lecture). - Jennifer

  4. 4) Ear Plugs

    For those times when you have exactly one hour for a power nap and the people, next door are watching a scary movie. - Chris

  5. 5) Extra-long charging cords for laptops and phones

    These are important for lecture halls and libraries… and watching Netflix in bed. - Kendall

  6. 6) Wet Wipes

    Messes happen. - Shivani

  7. 7) Photos from home

    So you can show all your new friends where you’re from! - Etienne

If you need more packing advice, including all the usual stuff (laptop, towels, winter jacket), RezLife at Western has you covered with the move-in planning guide. Be sure to pay close attention to the “what not to bring” section.

Enjoy your summer and good luck as you prepare for university!