Making Life More Comfortable One Design at a Time

Industrial Design student draws inspiration from his co-op placement.

Sam Parker saw a problem that could use fixing and decided to put the skills he learned at Humber to good use. Now graduating from Humber’s Bachelor of Industrial Design program, Sam spent his co-op term working for a local textiles company designing sports products.

“As part of my job I was often interacting with the sewers that were sewing the company’s products and my prototypes which helped me develop a good understanding of what they were capable of, as well as what was best for production in terms of efficiency,” says Parker. “While working with sewers that had been in the industry for 30+ years, I began to hear about the discomfort that they experienced from the repetitive motions they were preforming as part of their jobs.”

This was the inspiration for his thesis project - a more ergonomic industrial sewing workstation. All of the features and design elements that he put into the new design are in an effort to reduce the stress on sewers bodies, and create an environment that is comfortable to work in, even after years of sewing.

“In many cases the name of the game here is to allow for adjustability; sewing in any one position will, over time, produce a stress injury,” he says.

Parker’s creativity and designing skill caught the attention of his co-op employer, where he is starting a full-time job.

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