Seven Side Projects That Can Positively Impact Your Resume

Make the most of every opportunity!

By: Vanessa Bennett, Humber student (Bachelor of Creative Advertising program)

  1. 1. Volunteering: It shows future employers you can commit to a cause or event for the benefit of others. You can find volunteer opportunities with Humber’s Ignite (student federation) here.
  2. 2. Blogging: Employers like to see that you have an opinion. This also gives them an insight into your personality and your work ethic.
  3. 3. Making YouTube videos: If you have some video editing experience ( is a great resource for learning the software), show off your knowledge on a topic you are passionate about.
  4. 4. Talking to industry professionals: Employers are more likely to hire you if they know who you are. Start by following professionals you know on LinkedIn and follow-up by asking them to meet for an informational interview. Attending events or panel discussions your program may host is a good way to make new contacts.
  5. 5. Spec work: Create potential work to showcase in your portfolio. Even if you aren’t in a creative industry that relies on a portfolio, you can still take advantage of spec work. In the business industry, for example, you could use presentation decks that you made in your class or come up with a research piece for a company that you are interested in working for.
  6. 6. Make a podcast: A podcast is a great platform to voice your opinion. I’m sure one of your friends would love to co-host with you. Make it fun!
  7. 7. Start or be a part of a club: Managing a club shows off your managerial skills. Even being an active member in a club is an asset to your resume because it shows that you can commit to something you care about. Humber offers more than 40 student clubs and offers different events, networking opportunities and more based on your interests.