De-stress at Bangor University, Wales, UK!

By Bangor University Modified on March 08, 2018

Bangor has its very own Canine Calming Room to help students relax!


Bangor University is keen to help its students to de-stress, relax and promote well-being, studying at university can be a lot of fun most of the time but there are stressful times also with exams, deadlines, assignments etc

A few ways we help students is by holding a De-Stresstival, a week-long event giving students the opportunity to have some fun and de-stress! It allows students to take part in exciting activities, alongside workshops that are designed to be relaxing and promote well-being. It also aims to raise awareness of mental health, educate students on plagiarism and to promote the advice and support provision we have here at the Students Union.

We also hold regular "Canine Calming Rooms" where we bring in some four legged friends from Guide Dogs Wales, and our students have the opportunity to come and cuddle and relax with the dogs. The concept? Studies showed petting dogs helps to unwind from the stress of exams!

Take a look at one of the Canine Calming sessions that was held recently!

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