York U Resources to Minimize Academic Stress

By York University Modified on March 03, 2018

Learn to manage stress with York U health, wellness and academic resources!


University life is exciting: from new friends to interesting classes and activities, there’s never a dull moment! However, university also represents a significant transition for students. Some may experience stress, particularly regarding exams and assignments. York provides academic, mental health and wellness resources to help students manage stress in a healthy way. Learn more about York’s support services and stress management tips below:

1. Prepare for Academic Success with Learning Skills Services

Students can minimize academic stress by accessing learning services to prepare for exams and assignments. Learning Skills Services (LSS) helps students “learn how to learn” by providing workshops and Peer Academic Coaching sessions. LSS workshops focus on topics including time management, reading, note-taking and personalized study strategies. LSS also offers Resources for Success, which includes learning skills materials and worksheets.

2. Access Mental Health & Wellness Resources

York students who are experiencing stress can visit Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and Student Counselling & Development (SCD). SAS provides educational support to students with documented disabilities, and SCD helps students manage the challenges of university by providing counselling services and workshops covering academic and social issues. SCD provides a safe, supportive place for students to talk about their concerns, gain guidance and receive professional assistance.

3. Keep Track of Your Wellness

York provides students with free access to the WellTrack mental health management app. WellTrack users can track their mental health daily and access education courses, Computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and relaxation tools. The app also includes thought diaries, activity schedulers and progressive muscle relaxation exercises.

York is here to support you with any challenge you may be facing. These are just a few of the learning and wellness resources available to York students. To learn more about support services at York, take a look at the Future Students website.