Enjoy Four Seasons of Affordable Fun at Cambrian

By Cambrian College Modified on February 06, 2018

Apply early for entrance bursaries and in-class awards Apply early for entrance bursaries and in-class awards


Tuition, books, living expenses – there’s lots to save for when preparing to go to college. But don’t let finances be the thing that holds you back from pursuing your dreams.

At Cambrian College, we’re here to help make your academic journey easier. We have two entrance bursaries that you can apply for as soon as you’ve applied to a Cambrian program:

Each year, we also give out 800 scholarships and bursaries during the academic year. These awards are given out based on a variety of qualifications, such as your GPA, field of study, and/or volunteer work. The deadline to apply will be during the fall 2018 semester, but browse our awards list early to get a jumpstart on putting together your applications.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind if you need to include an essay with your application – Don’t get stressed about making it sound perfect or writing it in the proper essay format. What we want most is to hear your story and learn more about how receiving a scholarship or bursary will help you with your studies. So be yourself and let your words flow naturally.

Another advantage of studying at Cambrian College is living in Sudbury gives you the ideal lifestyle at affordable prices. With three postsecondary institutions in town, the city is very student-friendly and offers affordable housing options, a wide variety of economical shopping choices, and low-cost entertainment and activities year-round.

We’re excited to have you join us – we are in Canada’s Happiest City, after all! Don’t forget to apply early and often for scholarships and bursaries, and reach out if you have any questions.