How to Make the Most of a Campus Tour

By Kai Dao Modified on January 19, 2018
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Visiting a school in person is a great opportunity for you to see the campus, hear from real students, and get a look at the dorms!


There is only so much one can learn about a school from internet searches and hurried emails. Visiting a school in person is a great opportunity to see the campus, hear from real students, and get a look at the dorms.

Campus tours are not essential if factors like distance and finance are an issue. Yet many high schools allow Grade 11 and 12 students excused absences so they can visit schools!

When you’re planning to take a campus tour, it is advisable to do so when classes are in session. This is important to get the full experience of being on campus.

Open Houses are the busiest time to visit schools, and this can work to both your advantage and disadvantage. On the plus side, people with similar goals are all around you asking the same questions you may have. On the downside, there may be too many students for advisors and representatives to focus on individual questions/concerns.

If possible, take a look at the dorms, cafeteria, and lecture halls while you’re there. It’s important to remember that university is not all about academics and graduating. You have to like the atmosphere and culture on campus.

Don't feel shy, ask lots of questions! Most of the time current students are happy to help answer any questions that advisors can't. They are also more likely to be truthful about their opinions!

Brochures, catalogues, and viewbooks don’t always give the full picture.

Get a feel for the city. Is it too busy or is it not busy enough? Is it too loud? Or is it too quiet? Are you looking for a city where it is easy to blend in or do you want a close knit community? Remember this is where you'll likely spend your free time. Make sure there are interesting things there outside of school.

Everyone has their own list of priorities. Checking out the school may help you narrow down your list of potentials. Choosing a school is a big decision, so make sure you’re as informed as you can be!

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