Start the year fresh…

By St. Lawrence College Modified on January 15, 2018

Get organized for success


Buckling down and committing to studying harder, longer and more often may sound like a great idea going into your next semester however, it may be an empty promise if you don’t start with some strategy. Changing personal habits can be a challenge and takes some personal discipline.

The leading cause of scholastic misery is procrastination. A great way to overcome procrastination is to create ongoing milestones. Breaking a larger project up into smaller manageable chunks can help decrease the pressure and help to organize your schedule. It is also a great way to start ticking things off your list, giving you a sense of accomplishment and progress.

Creating milestones will help to declutter your mind and helps you stay on top of deadlines and outstanding work. The technology available today offers numerous ways to itemize all of your schedules (academic, work, volunteer and personal) in one convenient place. Take advantage of these tools and set yourself up for success!