2018 Maclean's University Ranking Results - Medical and Doctoral Schools

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Check out Canada's top ranked medical and doctoral schools for 2018!


Medical/Doctoral Schools

All top five medical schools retain their positions from the last three years and continue to dominate the field – these storied institutions demonstrate a number of reasons as to why they stack up close to (or at the) very top.

  1. 1. McGill University
    Nearly 200 years old, McGill has made many major advancements including mapping the brain’s motor cortex, inventing Plexiglas, discovering that atoms are divisible, just to name a few. McGill continues to make innovative breakthroughs. It is ranked first in student awards, library acquisitions, and scholarships and bursaries, and social sciences and humanities grants.
  2. 2. University of Toronto
    UofT, ranked first for reputation, is all about giving: giving to those without education and to those without opportunity. Toronto’s only medical school has helped contribute to growing health care in Ethiopia and is developing technologies that allow children with communication disabilities to interact with the world around them without words. UofT is first in faculty awards, medical/science grants, citations, and total research dollars.
  3. 3. University of British Columbia
    UBC seems to have centered its focus on mental health. They’ve recently launched campaigns for fighting the fear of childbirth and educating the world about cardiac arrests. Thanks to UBC graduate, Dr. Julio Montaner, HIV/AIDS is now a manageable syndrome instead of a death sentence. UBC is ranked second in student awards, citations, and reputation.
  4. 4. Queen’s University
    Located in Kingston, Ontario, Queen’s is ranked second in student satisfaction, faculty awards, and scholarships and bursaries, as well as fourth in student awards and library expenses. On Wednesday March 8, 2018 from 5-7 p.m. the Medical Building on Arch Street will be hosting their yearly History of Medicine week; the theme is Dangerous Ideas in the History of Psychiatry.
  5. 5. University of Alberta
    For fifty years U of A’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry have had student researchers participate in projects over the summer. The largest program in Canada, these students are then able to exhibit their findings in a conference format to past participants. The University of Alberta is ranked second in library acquisitions, third in operating budget, forth in faculty awards, citations, and overall reputation.

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Maclean’s University Rankings 2018 - Medical/Doctoral Schools

* Indicates a tie.

School Overall Ranking Rank Last Year More
McGill University 1 [1] Profile
University of Toronto 2 [2] Profile
University of British Columbia 3 [3] Profile
Queen’s University 4 [4] Profile
University of Alberta 5 [5] Profile
McMaster University 6 [6] Profile
Western University 7 [*8] Profile
Dalhousie University 8 [7] Profile
University of Ottawa *9 [*8] Profile
University of Calgary *9 [10] Profile
Université de Montréal 11 [11] Profile
Université de Laval 12 [12] Profile
Université de Sherbrooke 13 [13] Profile
University of Manitoba *14 [*14] Profile
University of Saskatchewan *14 [*14] Profile

(Source: Maclean’s magazine)

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