Manage Your Learning Skills

By Western University Modified on September 06, 2017

Western's Student Development Centre will support your transition to university.


Your academic success at university is not guaranteed, but by making smart decisions early in the school year, you can boost your performance in the classroom.

Starting at a new school can be busy and your schedule can fill up rapidly as you immerse yourself into a new campus environment. Consider taking time at the beginning of the academic year to prioritize improving both your study and time management skills. Making time to focus on these skills will pay dividends for the first term and beyond.

Do you have trouble juggling multiple projects, find yourself missing deadlines, or often stay up late to complete assignments? If so, consider enrolling in a time management workshop, one of the many workshops offered throughout the year by the Student Development Centre, also known as the SDC.

Once you have mastered the ability to stay on top of your priorities, consider enhancing your academic performance in other areas pertinent to your course work. Some subjects, such as Psychology, make extensive use of multiple choice questions for evaluations and exams. If you haven’t been exposed to this method of assessment before, the SDC can help you gain confidence and experience by teaching you key strategies on how to prepare. Not sure how to capture the important points during a university lecture? Take a workshop in Enhanced Note Taking or one on How to Optimize Lecture Learning. While you can take these workshops throughout the year, it is advantageous to enroll early in the school year to maximize their benefits. A full schedule of free workshops can be found on our Learning Skills Services page.

Remember, take the time to meet new people, have fun, and discover new interests. Consider joining one of our 180 different clubs or take part in one of our Intramural Sports and earn your right to don “The Purple Shirt”.