Start Your School Year Off With A Bang

By Study and Go Abroad Modified on August 08, 2017

Read on for three top tips on starting your school year off swimmingly...


The few weeks before school starts back are always busy. Stores are teeming with students stocking up on shiny new books and stationery, group chats that lay dormant all summer wake up to a flurry of messages making plans for nights out and day trips, and evenings are spent saying goodbye to summer friends.

However, there's more to heading back to school than planning nights out and buying a planner. Read on for three top tips on starting your school year off swimmingly...

Read up on Productivity
It is easy to resolve to 'work harder' and 'make this year more productive.' However, willpower alone does not ensure productivity. Read up on some studying techniques to help you optimize your time and avoid procrastination. Pinterest is a great place to start!

Plan for Your Future
Many students dread the question 'So what's next?' However, planning for the future doesn't mean you have to decide on a career path in one day, it just means taking steps to improve your employability and build your career skills. In an increasingly global economy, one way of building employability is to travel, study abroad and learn languages. Many studies demonstrate that studying abroad positively impacts students' career prospects, grades and earning potential. For more information about studying, working or volunteering abroad, visit the Study and Go Abroad fairs to meet with top international universities!

Stay Healthy
It is easy to stop prioritising health once our work schedule gets busy with classes, library sessions, extra curriculars and trying to maintain a social life. However, staying healthy will positively affect your work habits by increasing your ability to focus. If hitting the gym is not your thing, head outside and try a new sport with your friends. From hiking, to paddleboarding or climbing, the options are endless!

By Megan Brickley
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