Don’t Pay for MBA Perception, Pay for What Performs Best

Invest in the right MBA for you. The Ted Rogers MBA has one of the best ROIs in North America, so you can pay your debt faster and focus on advancing your career.


Realize Your ROI

Make no mistake: an MBA remains one of the most valued accreditations in the world of business. It’s an investment that will help unlock doors you might otherwise struggle to open. But perception is a challenge you may face when exploring MBA programs around the world.

You will hear “We’re number one” across many business schools, but are they number one in the categories that matter to you? Is perception worth $1,100 a month in student loans for the next 25 years as you pay off a $100k MBA?

The Ted Rogers MBA at Ryerson University has one of the best ROIs of any MBA program in North America. Our numbers speak for themselves: a lower tuition plus high starting salaries (challenging many of the world’s top MBA programs) means more life and less debt. Our socially conscious and affordable MBA program ensures you’ll pay your debt off faster, so you can focus on advancing your career.

Own the Podium

How do you measure the strength of an MBA program? By a specific ranking system or by the quality of the students in the program?

Ted Rogers MBA students consistently own the podium in national and international case competitions year after year. It’s not by luck -- it’s because our students are taught contemporary, real-world business issues and are prepared to apply their solutions in the real world. Many of our students have turned their case competition successes into internships and positions at Canada’s leading companies.

Make Real Connections

The Ted Rogers MBA has grown in reputation and size since launching 10 years ago, but it remains intimate, niche and best of all: human. As a Ted Rogers MBA student, our leading faculty members will know your name, and you will have more personalized access to services than in larger MBA programs. Take advantage of better networking opportunities and more personal mentorship from industry executives and our careers team.

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