How To Handle Rejection From An Art School

By OCAD University Modified on May 05, 2017

Didn’t get accepted into the school of your choice? It doesn't end here!


Before giving up on attending your dream school, consider the following options:

Take some time to work on your portfolio: Most post-secondary art and design institutions consider your portfolio an important part of your application for admission. Therefore a strong portfolio is a must. Sometimes students may not get admitted the first time they apply simply because their portfolio wasn’t strong enough. But there are ways to make it stronger! Consider attending events like National Portfolio Day, Summer Workshops, and Portfolio Clinics to strengthen your work.

Double-check your program choice and apply again: Sometimes students don’t get accepted into the school of their choice because their portfolio wasn't relevant to the program they applied to. You may be able to use the same portfolio when applying to a different program. Be sure to know where your strengths lie and that your portfolio has work that represents your understanding of the program you are applying to. Need more insight as to which program is best suited for you? Feel free to connect with our Admissions & Recruitment Office and ask for some advice.

Check out a transfer pathway: Transfer pathway options are often offered to students looking to transfer between colleges and universities. Students can complete a degree at one school and then begin a complementary degree at another, while counting their credits towards the new degree (you get a head start!). This is great option for students with diverse interests and who still want to develop their skills, or focus their portfolio. Check out for options.

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