Partners In Your Success

By Western University Modified on April 18, 2017

Western is here to support you every step of the way throughout your academic career.


Are you busy juggling exams and assignments, maybe seeking out a part-time or summer job, worrying about a future career? No doubt about it, being a student can be really stressful. Here are a few tips from Western’s Student Development Centre that you might find helpful.

Maintain a healthy mind and body
Fatigue and stress weaken memory and comprehension. Eat properly, exercise regularly and get adequate sleep.

Do coursework every day
Cramming is not conducive to understanding and retaining large amounts of information. Spend some time every day reviewing course notes and stay on top of your readings.

Plan ahead
Use a day planner, wall calendar or your mobile device to plan time for your coursework. Plan ahead for assignments and exams.

Make studying fun
You can improve your memory by being creative. Create mnemonics, make summary notes, identify key words, highlight your textbooks in fun colours – find a strategy that works best for you.

Ask for help
If you are struggling, ask for help from your teachers, friends and/or your family.

Partners in your success
From Canada’s most comprehensive O-Week to ongoing individual assistance, Western is here to support you every step of the way throughout your academic career.

The following centres and services are available to help you determine your next steps toward reaching your goals and managing the stress of university:

When you graduate from Western you will be prepared to conquer the next phase of your life – whether that is employment, graduate school or something completely different.

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