Support For Students At The University Of Edinburgh

By University of Edinburgh Modified on March 31, 2017

Going to University is very exciting but it can also be quite stressful – how can we help?


The University of Edinburgh has many systems in place to help you on your journey and here are just a few of them.

The Schools’ Student Support Teams are there to offer support and guidance on administrative and pastoral matters. They can help with general enquiries about your studies, such as course enrolments and degree programme transfers and give you advice on regulations and procedures within the University.

You will have a Personal Tutor who is a member of the Academic Staff and they can give guidance on academic matters such as course choices.

The Advice Place is an impartial, accessible, free, confidential advisory service for all University of Edinburgh students. They act on behalf of students and their interests, advising independently of the University of Edinburgh or any other organisation or authority.

The Counselling Service has information on self-help resources and they run workshops on topics such as procrastination, confidence building and relaxation as well as providing one-to-one counselling for students.

The Institute for Academic Development runs workshops and online resources aimed at helping students to fulfil their academic potential here at Edinburgh. These provide practical strategies for learning effectively and cover a wide range of topics including academic reading and writing, critical analysis, managing workload and exam preparation.

Information Services provide computing support and documentation such as beginners guides to word-processing, through using equation editors, to advanced guides to programming.

Accommodation, Catering and Events assist students in the transition from home to University life. The Resident Assistants help students in accommodation meet other people in their site and become more accustomed to their surrounding environment. They do this by hosting events where residents get to know each other, as well as finding out what the University and city of Edinburgh have to offer.