National Parks And Puppy Dog Barks

By Bangor University Modified on March 31, 2017

Beating student stress at Bangor University.


Stress is a natural part of life, right? That’s out of our hands; but how we react to it and cope with it can be something within our control. University campuses are acutely aware of student stress levels, particularly at exam time, and are providing unique ways to help students cope.

Canine Calmers:

Beyond their excellent student counselling and support resources, Bangor University started a ‘Canine Calming Room’ with great success. Students could pop into the room between classes and exams for a snuggle, and relax. The room raised funds and awareness for the Guide Dog charity, and it provided students with a zen, chill-out space filled with pooches and positive vibes.

Bangor is also located on the sea, with the hills of Snowdonia National Park just minutes away, so it’s easy to take a step into the great outdoors, a proven de-stressing activity. Students can go for a hike, a sail, hop on a horse for a ride, or grab a canoe and hit the rivers for some de-stressing via Mother Nature.

Bangor’s Location- The Adventure Starts Here: