Do These 3 Things to Beat Stress

By Tyndale University College Modified on March 30, 2017

There’s no doubt about it – being a student is stressful!


There’s no doubt about it – being a student is stressful! You’re juggling papers, exams, part-time jobs, family obligations, extra-curricular activities, internships…wow! That’s a lot to handle.

At Tyndale University College, your mental health is just as important as your academic success. Here are a few ways you can reduce your stress as a student:

  1. 1. Be mindful of your diet. How are your eating habits? What we consume can have a powerful impact on the way we feel. Tyndale’s food services help students to eat healthier by providing them with fresh foods from Ontario producers. When you’re on the go it may seem easier to just grab a slice of pizza, but if you make the time to eat healthier your body (and mind) will benefit!

  2. 2. Visit the Centre for Academic Excellence. Part of the reason many students feel stressed is because they are disorganized in their studies. Tyndale’s Centre for Academic Excellence will support you personally through an academic tutor or writing consultant. Sessions are free for full-time students and taught by upper-year students who have been where you are and understand how professors run their classes. They use their experience to help you feel prepared when paper-writing season or exams roll around.

  3. 3. Visit a counsellor. For some students, the stress can sometimes be too much, and you just need someone to talk to. Tyndale offers free counselling services to all full-time students.

Consider these tips and don’t let stress get in the way of enjoying your experience as a university student.