Learn About What You Can Do With Your Master's Degree From uLethbridge

Have you considered your next opportunity? Thinking about what will be your career path after obtaining a master's degree?


Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MSc) programs at uLethbridge offer majors in a wide range of disciplines by completing a thesis in an intensive research-based environment, which will help you to cultivate skills in research and teaching, critical and analytical thinking, written and oral communication, planning, problem solving, project management and many others.

THRIVE Professional Skills program

As a graduate student at uLethbridge you’ll have access to THRIVE Professional Skills program, which provides you with skills to be successful in your graduate program and with transferrable skills to find success in your future careers.

Career planning and skill development are not something that just occurs at the end of your program, these skills are developed throughout your graduate training, and as you will see they are cyclical.

Co-operative Education

The Co-operative Education/Internship Option is available to students registered in the Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MSc) programs. Co-operative education is an educational model that formally integrates academic study at the master’s level with relevant, paid work experience in appropriate employment fields such as government, institutions, and industry. The University, the employer, and the student are in partnership to ensure an enriching experience within the student's professional development.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful, student-oriented and friendly campus. Learn more about us by visiting: School of Graduate Studies website.