Scholarships and Financial Options

By Swansea University - Graduate Programs Modified on February 22, 2017

Financing your postgraduate study


The majority of scholarships are used as an incentive to attract high performing students and as such, are extremely competitive, so please ensure:

  • In your personal statement, do your research and emphasize as to why you wish to study at that particular institution. Reviewers of the application will easily identify a cut/pasted generic narrative and as scholarship funding isn’t a bottomless pot, they will only wish to award to students who really wish to study at their institution. So provide well thought out responses i.e. Why following a program at your chosen institution will fulfill your personal requirement and enhance your future career prospects and opportunities.
  • Provide details as to why your chosen institution would benefit from having you as a student at their institution.
  • That your grammar is correct - activate the “spell-check” prior to submission.

Swansea University offers scholarships for international students:

Please note this scholarship is a contribution towards the cost of a one year Taught Masters programme.

Students who enroll in a two year Masters Research or PhD program at UK institutions, once enrolled, are eligible to make application for:

Swansea University is authorized to accept Canadian loan funding:

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  • You can make a direct application here:

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