Fund Your Way To Northumbria

By Northumbria University Modified on February 22, 2017

Try not to let money overwhelm you - we have lots of support systems in place to help you!


Northumbria recognises funding for a degree can be daunting and at times stressful however here are some tips and what we offer to our students to make the money situation one less thing to worry about;

  • All international students are considered for an academic scholarship of £2,500 based purely on your academic qualifications. There is no separate application for this scholarship we base our decision on your degree application – bonus!
  • The cost of living in Newcastle is significantly less than places such as London. On average living costs are approximately £1015 per month which includes everything rent, bills, food, social etc - remember this will vary on the lifestyle you lead, what residence you live in etc
  • The best advice we can give is to budget - if you struggle, head to our award winning Student Support and Wellbeing department who will offer advice on all things money!
  • It is possible to earn some extra money by working here – visa rules allow international students to work 20 hours during term time, we advise 15 hours so as not to impact on your studies. Newcastle is full of shops, restaurants and bars that offer part time work. Or head to our fantastic careers and employment service for advice and opportunities for part time work

We know money is a big thing to think about – particularly if you’ve never had a budget before. But try not to let this overwhelm you we have lots of support systems in place and talk to friends, family, counsellors, tutors or us prior to you arriving and you will be just fine!