The Easiest Scholarship Application Ever

By University of Alberta Modified on January 12, 2017

Imagine being automatically considered for several scholarships after you receive admission!


Not only does the University of Alberta offer a relatively affordable tuition and cost of living when compared with other major universities, it also offers more than $22 million in undergraduate scholarship opportunities, many of which you are automatically considered for once you have been admitted to UAlberta.

It's also one of the few universities in Canada with a number of scholarships that are specifically for international students. In addition to the scholarships you will be automatically considered for, there are a number of others that you can apply to.

Dreading having to fill out a million application forms? Fear not! Through UAlberta’s online award application system, you can complete one application and be considered for multiple awards. Yes, you can receive more than one scholarship (how awesome is that?). If you achieve a UAlberta admission average of 90% or higher you can receive at least $5000 CAD and top students can receive over $39,000 CAD!

UAlberta offers select country-specific scholarships, as well as IB, AP, and A-Level awards . If that all isn’t enough, UAlberta also has one of Canada's highest average funding rates for graduate students.

Are you ready to start your Canadian adventure? Apply to UAlberta today!
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