Awards and Scholarships at Bow Valley College!

By Bow Valley College Modified on January 11, 2017

Bow Valley College Supports your Professional and Personal Success!


Bow Valley College’s certificate and diploma graduates are prepared to enter the job market with competitive, in-demand expertise and skills. We recognize that professional and personal success is about much more than just academic performance.

Strong personal qualities of vision, leadership, mentorship, community involvement and the application of knowledge outside the classroom are all part of a successful equation.

The International Education department has supported students' success by providing a variety of Scholarship opportunities. Over
21 awards valued at $45,000, most of which are exclusive for International Students, have been added to the 19 awards which international students were already eligible to apply for.

The awards are divided into three categories:

  1. 1. Entrance for individuals who have not studied previously at Bow Valley College
  2. 2. Learner Pathway for individuals pursuing entry into a certificate or diploma from English language or high school upgrading
  3. 3. In-Course for current certificate, diploma or English language learners

The awards eligibility recognizes attributes that will “equip people for successful living, lifelong learning and work in a global, knowledge-based economy”. Such themes include:

  • academic excellence
  • academic improvement
  • leadership
  • mentorship
  • the promotion of internationalization and multiculturalism
  • community involvement
  • volunteerism

If you are entering studies at Bow Valley College, we welcome you to review our International Student and Education Awards. Please visit for detailed information on how to apply for these awards.
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