Go Abroad With The University Of Edinburgh

By University of Edinburgh Modified on February 23, 2017

Want to increase your chances of landing a job after graduation? Go see the world.


Students who have studied abroad rate higher in employability and skills development. International experiences give you the opportunity to try new things, take on new challenges and to make the most of your time at University. Meeting people with different views and lifestyles gives you new insights. This is your chance to see something of the world, and to find out who you are!

The University of Edinburgh offers the opportunity for students to spend the third year of their degree at a partner university. Economics students can go to Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and Malta and also to many universities in USA and in Canada. http://edin.ac/2gxDY7W

As well as a full year of studying abroad, Economics students can take part in short trips as part of a Study Group.

The trips are predominantly student‐led – Student Organisers contribute meaningfully to the organisation of the trip (booking accommodation & local transportation, researching and writing up essential travel info, arranging site visits, writing post-trip reports, etc.). Student Participants are not required to help with the practical organisation of the trip, but they are still expected to participate fully in the economics/research aspect of the trip.

Destinations so far have included Ethiopia, Shanghai and Argentina and this coming year we are going to Cuba, Delhi, Japan and Scandinavia.

The students who have participated have all said the experience was very beneficial – both in seeing life in a totally difference environment and also in how much they benefited from enhancing their research and organisation skills.

You can read articles in our student magazine insight (spring 2016 edition) about their experience of visiting Ethiopia (p24) and Shanghai (p33). There will be a further article about visiting Argentina in the autumn 2016 edition which will be available shortly. http://uoees.com/insight/