Prepare For The GMAT In Four Practical Steps

By Concordia University - School of Graduate Studies Modified on October 14, 2016

Did you know that the JOHN MOLSON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS MBA is ranked fifth best in Canada, according to Bloomberg Businessweek? We share 4 practical steps for you to excel in the GMAT. Give yourself an edge as you embark on graduate studies in business:

  1. 1. WRITE A PRACTICE EXAM Before you prepare for the GMAT, assess your strengths and weaknesses through a practice exam. Recreate the test environment by finding a quiet space and taking no more than four hours to write it.
  2. 2. TAKE TIME TO PREPARE There is no standard amount of time to ready yourself for the GMAT. Some students choose to study for months, others need only to refresh their exam skills and still others require time to balance their studies with work commitments. Take the time that is appropriate for you.
  3. 3. AIM TO WRITE THE EXAM WELL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR DEADLINE Plan to take the GMAT at least a month before your application deadline. This allows you to rewrite the exam 16 days later if you are unsatisfied with your score. The John Molson School of Business considers your highest score during the application process.
  4. 4. REFINE YOUR SKILLS AT CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY If you are in Montreal, profit from a multitude of resources at Concordia. A GMAT revision course invites you to review your reasoning skills, analytical writing skills and problem-solving strategies, while anticipating questions likely to appear on the exam.

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