How To Grab A Fantastic Summer Job!

By Coventry University Modified on June 10, 2016

It's a great way to build your work experience for the future!


Summer jobs are great cash earners and they also help in shaping your future career. Whilst many students are still undecided on a career path, these jobs can provide great insights into a variety of industries.

Here are some top tips on how to grab those career enhancing summer jobs:

Create a smashing Resume
No matter how small a job you ever had, you would have certainly gained valuable skills and experiences. Capture all of these on your resume to grab employers’ attention. Use positive words to reinforce your qualities. Take care with the structure, grammar and spelling. A first impression can leave a lasting impression!

Reference letters
Summer jobs, internships or volunteering jobs are always great in creating contacts that can provide reference letters. If you haven’t already done so, get in touch today and check if they will be happy to be your referees. Make it easy for future employers to offer you a job.

Interview success
The most important part of landing a job is to be prepared for the interview. Be ready to talk through the skills and experiences listed on your resume and how they will benefit the role you’re applying for. To stand out, think of the STAR method to answer interview questions.

Be resourceful
Speak with friends and family as job opportunities may arise from recommendations. Your school or college may be aware of any local businesses offering student jobs. Connect with companies on LinkedIn and use the platform to brand yourself. Click here for more information on finding a job.

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