Spend Summer As A Researcher

By Thompson Rivers University Modified on June 09, 2016

At TRU we value undergraduate research!


Each summer at Thompson Rivers University up to two dozen undergraduate students undertake Undergraduate Research Experience Award Program (UREAP) projects. Third and fourth year students spend the summer completing their own original research project as a way to gain valuable transferrable skills, improve their resumes and smooth the transition to graduate school.

And the bonus? The UREAP comes with a $4,500 scholarship, making for ideal summer employment. The competition runs twice per year — in fall and winter — and previous UREAP-holders have gone on to discover how vital these experiences have been for their success in graduate school. Engaging in undergraduate research increases academic and professional success, and enhances your ability to think critically, ask tough questions and search for compelling answers.

Along with the UREAP competition, students may work year-round with professors as Undergraduate Research Assistants. These students are hired as employees of TRU, and work with their professors to complete any number of tasks, including preparing materials for an experiment, conducting literature reviews or carrying out preliminary statistical analysis, for example.

TRU also now offers the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program, whereby research-engaged faculty can hire an Undergraduate Research Apprentice to assist them in their research. This opportunity is open to students with a minimum of 30 credits, and can be an excellent way to earn up to $3,000 through a meaningful training opportunity.

At TRU, we see tremendous value in undergraduate research. Not only will these opportunities develop skills and open doors, research also acts as a service to the community, so get involved. This is your education journey — make the most of it!