Opportunities In Canada To Boost Your Career

By Centennial College Modified on March 08, 2016
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There are many reasons to study abroad, some wish to learn a new language and become independent; others dream of enjoying a different culture and earning a degree at an institution of international repute like Centennial College. For international students in Canada, gaining work experience and building a career is often the most important part of pursuing higher education.

But whatever the reason, every aspect of the international student experience has the potential to multiply your prospects for personal and professional development.

“You have to be very open-minded and understand that you live in a multicultural place. Networking is vital to be successful after your program…Connections can be the gateway to some amazing opportunities.” Says Caroline Dittmar from Brazil, Centennial College Global Business Management Grad, working at Meridian Bank.

Getting used to another way of life, schedules, opinions and thoughts, requires an open mind and a tolerant personality, attributes that you learn only when you live and study with people from other countries.

“My experiences with Centennial College have been incredible. Since the first moment I started to see the benefits that this college offers to its students. I believe the best part of this roller-coaster of an adventure has been the friendships and experiences that I have earned. Thanks to activities that helped me share about my culture and learn more about Canadian society, I integrated into life in Canada and started gaining Canadian work experience as a member of the Centennial College Student Association (CCSAI)” explains Rodolfo Mühlemann, Vice President of CCSAI in Story Arts Center, from Venezuela.

Becoming a tutor has helped Monica Puerto (Advertising Media Management student from Colombia) to understand different cultures in a much better way, because each one has its peculiarities. “It is an experience that made me grow as a person.” Monica also adds that Centennial College offers all kinds of opportunities. “Being a tutor has given me the opportunity to gain work experience in Canada, and that's really good for my professional experience.”

By: Enrique Rosales, Corporate Communications and Public Relations Student, Centennial College

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