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By Nipissing University Modified on March 08, 2016
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Experience comes in all forms and is invaluable as you decide what shape your life will take. It is gained through work, volunteerism, travel, international exchanges or placements, and by getting involved with new interests that stretch your average day-to-day activities. The benefits you gain by seeking opportunities for growth may surprise you.

No doubt, the most sought after experience by students is employment. NUwork is Nipissing’s Work Study program that provides paid opportunities for up to ten hours a week between September and April within various departments on-campus. You gain great career-related experience while honing your communication, problem-solving and time management skills.

Equally beneficial are additional opportunities that challenge your networking dexterity, develop your inner leader, build self-confidence, have you learning new experiential proficiencies, allow you to teach accomplished skills, and enhance your social awareness. These character-building opportunities can be found through volunteering, tutoring, community placements, providing mentorship, and helping to organize special events. Nipissing’s Record of Student Development program is an official record of your extra-curricular involvement and professional development, and recognizes your achievements as you develop a balanced skill set that all employers are looking for.

As you plan to transition from university into the workforce, tap into the resources available through our Career Development and Education site. You will have access to help with résumé and cover letter writing, job searching and networking.

Success is gained through planning ― through the process of learning and growing. Earning an education, developing interpersonal and leadership skills, working on adaptability and resourcefulness through experiential learning, gaining relevant work experience and developing industry-specific knowledge all prepare you for success regardless of where your journey takes you.

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