Consider Gradate Studies!

By Brock University - Faculty of Graduate Studies Modified on October 16, 2015

Graduate School Tips

Start Early
Begin to explore your options in your third year (or earlier!) by looking at graduate schools, graduate programs, and research areas. This will give you an opportunity to take a look at all the various opportunities and admission requirements well in advance.

Develop Relationships During Undergraduate Studies
Cultivate relationships with your undergraduate research supervisors and professors – they may become an ideal reference for you during the application stage and/or a great supervisor for your master's work.

Visit Campus
Research schools to ensure you will get the type of graduate experience you are looking for. Be sure to visit the campus and meet with faculty members and current graduate students. Attend an information session or Open house.

Money Matters
Apply for external scholarships in your fourth year. Your undergraduate institution will often provide workshops regarding external funding for graduate school. It is highly recommended you take advantage of the opportunity.

Check application deadlines! You do not want to miss out by submitting a late application. Be sure to start your application early so that you do not feel rushed. Follow application guidelines and instructions and ensure you have all the additional application materials (such as your statement of intent) ready in a timely manner.

At Brock University, our Faculty of Graduate Studies offers 46 graduate programs, an array of specializations, co-op opportunities and a world of possibilities.

Our graduate studies online application can be found at We encourage you to visit our website and discover what Brock Graduate Studies has to offer.

It's never too early to start exploring your graduate school options!