Building Connections to the Workforce

At OISE Univ of Toronto, explore opportunities to build your connections to the workforce


Are you thinking about graduate studies in Canada and curious about working? The University of Toronto offers resources and supports to help you build those connections to the workforce. Various components -- such as our on-campus work options such as our Work-Study program; professional development opportunities at OISE and the larger University of Toronto; and finally, the opportunity to keep working in Canada – can help you connect to the workforce as you pursue and complete your graduate studies.

Working on-campus
For many international students, working in Canada is an important part of successfully completing their graduate studies. Many find that working offers many benefits. It has the potential to provide you with opportunities to:

  1. get work experience necessary for future employment
  2. expand your professional knowledge and skillset
  3. establish and build important professional networks for your careergain extra income to help you meet your living and spending expenses.

If you are an international student with full-time registration status and a valid study permit, you are eligible to work in Canada either on-campus or off-campus, with some conditions. You can work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year (either on- or off-campus). At the University of Toronto, our Centre for International Experience acts as a resource for our international students and offers online information to help our international students on this topic. Read more about who can work.

Our international students explore many on-campus work options through our Work-Study program. These opportunities provide students with valuable experiences in places like Hart House, Student Life office, faculties or academic programs, and even at Registrar’s Offices. On-campus jobs are a great way to wholly experience and embrace university life, gain valuable work experience and earn money at the same time.

Professional Development
Professional development opportunities are important to help you acquire practical skills and tools to help you build your future. At OISE and the broader University of Toronto, we offer several professional development opportunities.

For example, our students in teacher education programs benefit from our Teacher Preparation Conference where they access workshops, chat with prospective recruiters and employers, and start building their professional networks with schools. For a student perspective on the Teacher Preparation Conference, visit our Master of Teaching student ambassador’s blog.

In addition, the OISE Alumni Association provides our students with a network of 100,000 education professionals worldwide. It is expanding its resources to support career opportunities and professional development, and other learning resources.

Our School of Graduate Studies offers the Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) program which aims to enhance your communication, planning and time management skills, and train you to take an entrepreneurial approach to your future. Finally, many students visit the various career-building resources available through the University of Toronto Career Centre:

After graduation: The Post-Graduation Work Permit
After you graduate, you have the opportunity to keep fostering and building a strong connection to the workforce. The post-graduation employment program is designed to provide graduating students with Canadian work experience; you may find that this is a valuable opportunity to apply your graduate knowledge and skills into a Canadian workforce setting.

International students who graduate from the University of Toronto are eligible (with few exceptions) to apply for a post-graduation work permit with a validity period of up to 3 years – this depends on the length of the student’s program of study. Our Centre for International Experience’s website offers details on the Post-Graduate Work Permit.

Building a strong connection to the workforce is important for planning your future. Make sure you explore the various opportunities offered by OISE and the University of Toronto.

To learn more about resources about working in Canada:

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