Working in Canada – Opening Doors to Employment Opportunity

By Centennial College Modified on March 03, 2015
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Get ready to work in Canada with advice from Centennial College International Students and Graduates.


By: Megha Gupta, Centennial College Corporate Communications and Public Relations Graduate, Communications Coordinator at Ontario Association of Optometrists

Known for its high-class education and living standards, Canada provides a safe and welcoming place for international students to study, work, and live. With its low population density, high per capita income, and dynamic ethnic mix, it’s one of the best places for young immigrants to pursue personal and professional growth.

International students come to this country for more than just an education. Studying in Canada not only allows international students to enhance their skills with a practical, hands-on educational style, but also often leads them to attaining international work experience.

“While pursuing their studies, international students have the option to benefit from on-campus jobs, co-op or internship work placements, and professional development services available at Centennial College. Graduating from a reputed government accredited institution has its own perks. It helps opening doors for international students to many prospective employers,” affirms Ayaz Ahmed Vijapurwala, Centennial College Digital Animation graduate, employed full-time by a VFX studio in Canada.

“I am currently doing the Internship for my program at Investors Group, one of the top financial planning companies in Canada. Centennial helps you find a placement in your field with help from your program coordinator, which is very valuable in helping you to open the door to employers. As an intern I am assisting my division director, job shadowing, and gaining relevant practical Canadian work experience, as well as a reference, that I will apply to my resume and future career.” - Alex Taraiev, Centennial College Project Management Student.

While networking, being persistent, and building your brand can help land you a job offer, another thing that holds a lot of importance in guiding you to the right career path is mentorship. A mentor helps you adapt to a new study and work environment, suggests ways to deal with a difficult situation, shares their experience with you, and directs you to the best possible solution of a problem.

“In the race of developing contacts in their respective industries, students tend to forget that having a mentor is as important as networking. My mentor at Centennial College guided me to the right path and today, my sales professor in college is my boss. I was picked directly out of college for my job. Understanding different perspectives of an industry and a job role pays well,” says Nirmit Gire, Centennial College Advertising - Media Management graduate, employed full-time by a television network in Canada.

Diligence and smart work help open doors to a land full of opportunities for those who aim to build a successful and exciting career in Canada. Give this country a chance; it will certainly live up to and beyond your expectations!

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