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By Brock University Modified on March 02, 2015
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It’s the course of YOUR life!


At Brock University, we understand the growing demand for our graduate students to be well prepared for the world of work. With the importance/value of a graduate education that both sparks your intellectual curiosities and prepares you for the world of work, Brock University offers Vitae, a dynamic program that aims to help graduate students develop essential skills for employment success.

What is Vitae?
Vitae (latin for life) offers a series of workshops, experiential programs and resources tailored to your unique interests to provide you with the essential professional skills and competencies that employers seek. Regardless of your career aspirations, our enhanced professional development training will provide you with career agility. Our Vitae partners can assist you in developing, translating and expressing your unique collection of experiences, academic and professional skills. Be inspired and prepared to design a meaningful and fulfilling career path that responds to the dynamic and shifting world of work. Vitae: Essential Skills Program for Graduate Students — it’s the course of YOUR life!

Vitae Essential Skills Certificate:
We’ve designed the Vitae Essential Skills Series to support grad students in developing and rehearsing those skills most predictive of employment success. The Vitae Certificate, endorsed by the Dean of Graduate Studies, provides additional credentialing and evidence of your training and specialized skill development.

Want to know more? Check out our Brock Future Students website to see all that we have to offer.

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