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By University of Waterloo Modified on March 02, 2015
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The Best of Both Worlds


Do you ever hear stories about students who graduate from university and have trouble finding employment because they have little to no experience? Well, that’s not a problem that many students at Waterloo have.

With the world’s largest co-op program, and numerous other employment opportunities for all students, you’ll find it quite easy to gain real work experience while studying here.

80% of Waterloo’s programs offer co-op along with it, so chances are that you’ll be able to work for some of the 5,200 employers that hire Waterloo students. The earnings aren’t so bad either; students can earn anywhere from $37,000 to $77,000 CAD by graduation just from co-op!

If you’re not in the co-op program, you still plenty of options available to you. Employers also use Jobmine, the online system used for hiring co-op students, to post summer job opportunities that are open to all students.

There are also many part-time job opportunities all year round. Many of them are even right there on campus! You’d be surprised how many of the University’s campus services and facilities hire the students they’re designed for. You can find part-time openings at the campus residences, food services, libraries, gyms, and more.

So now you know about all the employment opportunities that are open to you during the course of your studies. Some of you might be asking: “But how do I land those jobs?”

If pre-interview jitters are getting the best of you or your resume needs some work, you can always attend a workshop at our career centre to develop the skills you need to rock your interview and get the job. It’s no surprise then that students can easily find help every step of the way to career success.

At Waterloo, we recognize the value of real work skills and experience.

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