Funding Your Future in Canada

By University of Waterloo Modified on January 20, 2015
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Canada is home to many world-class universities, and studying abroad at any of these schools can be a life-changing experience.

When you’re a student planning to study in another country, you’ve got enough to think about and plan for, even without having to worry about money.

That’s why the University of Waterloo offers numerous ways for you to pay for your education abroad. From co-op programs to scholarships, you’ll find that getting financial help for school can be easier than you thought.

Waterloo is home to Canada’s the world’s largest co-op program, which gives students the opportunity to work for top-class employers between their study terms. This way, you’re able to gain valuable work experience and make money while doing it. In fact, it’s possible to make $37,000 - $77,000 CAD from co-op by the time you graduate!

Scholarships that are only available to international students are also a financial option. There are several entrance scholarships offered by Waterloo to international students that are worth $10,000 CAD each, and several more that are open to all students as well.

Looking for scholarships in your home country is also a great way to fund your international education too. Your government or school may offer scholarships to students planning to study abroad.

Be sure to check out scholarship websites like ScholarshipsCanada and StudentAwards as well. A great tip is to apply to the smaller scholarships as well, since some of them may not have any other applicants, making you the only one to receive it!

Whatever options you decide to go with, your dreams of studying in Canada will be closer to becoming realized with all the financial options open to you.

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