Why I Chose Tyndale

By Tyndale University College Modified on January 09, 2015
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The reasons to choose one university over another are so many, it can be hard to know which are the most important. I came to Tyndale University College because of the superior academics along with the unique student life they offered me.

The student life here is just fantastic. Being from a small town, the prospect of life in a big city excited me, and, now that I’m here, I realize how wonderful Toronto is to live in. Students regularly hop on the subway for a trip downtown to arts festivals and concerts, restaurants, or sporting events and cycling along the waterfront. Life in Tyndale’s neighbourhood is lots of fun, and life within Tyndale itself is even better.

The number of activities at Tyndale are more than enough to keep us students occupied. I have gotten involved in the sports teams here, especially the intramural floor hockey league. There are few better ways to build friendships quickly than on a fun-loving sports team! The school gets very involved in its athletic teams and many students come out to watch the different ice hockey, floor hockey, volleyball, and basketball teams we have each season.

I also enjoy viewing the talented efforts of the Tyndale choir and drama club. The choir puts on a number of concerts each year, and their annual Christmas concert is one of the best. The friends I have in it love the expert, musical guidance they receive and the thrills of performing for the whole school. Of course, watching the drama club’s play in a couple of weeks will be a winter highlight too.

I have not regretted coming to Tyndale for a moment because of the wonderful student life I enjoy here. To find out more about the university experience Tyndale offers, go to www.TyndaleU.ca and www.TyndaleU.ca/student-life.

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