Royal Roads University

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Royal Roads University (RRU) is distinct among Canadian institutions for its academic programs and educational philosophy, as well as its unparalleled setting and history. With a mandate to provide continuous learning opportunities for people in the workplace, RRU focuses on developing professionals who can prosper and contribute meaningfully in a complex, dynamic world.

Royal Roads is the only public university in Canada to exclusively offer applied and professional programs. Most programs are at the Master’s degree level, although the university also offers several undergraduate completion degrees (equivalent to years three and four). By using an intensive full-year academic cycle, Master’s degrees at RRU are completed in approximately two years. RRU also offers a broad selection of customized and executive development programs.
Most programs at RRU are offered through a combination of distance and short on-campus residencies. This balances the practical realities of learners to meet family and work requirements while fostering collaborative, progressive and shared learning on and off campus.

Areas of Expertise

Sustainable development, entrepreneurship, empowering leadership, conflict analysis and management.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Co-ed:193 bedsLowest: $6,000Highest: $6,000

The graduate residence buildings are all single occupancy. These residences are co-ed and feature comfortable, well-equipped lounges and laundry facilities. The bathrooms on each floor are dormitory style, with separate male and female facilities. Each lounge has a TV, sink, microwave, fridge and hot plate. Although cooking is not permitted in the private rooms, there is an optional meal plan available at the RRU Cafeteria that does provide a balanced nutritious menu. All rooms are equipped with a connection to the University LAN and to the Internet, and each floor has a computer lab (see Information Technology). Learners are encouraged to bring their own PCs. Graduate residence costs vary according to the length of residency. Rates are subject to change.

Off Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Homestay:500 bedsLowest: $6,588Highest: $9,100

A wide range of housing also exists in the local community.

Career Planning

Career Services can help you enhance your career and help you see what your degree can do for you. We can help you with making career decisions by helping you to see who you are and realize your potential. Work search services will help you with resumes, cover letters, generating leads and interviews and help you answer any question you have about breaking into new career horizons with your RRU education.


The University in partnership with the YW-YMCA has an athletics centre with indoor pool, squash courts, weight room and gyms. There are outdoor tennis courts, playing fields, biking and jogging trails. Rowing, canoeing, sailing and kayaking opportunities exist on-campus.


Yoga, pilates, boxercise, running clinics, and eco-adventure.


Clubs vary from year to year depending upon student interests. Contact Kerry Wadsworth, Manager, Learner Services for more information.

Information Technology

There are computer labs in the Learning Resource Centre, in the main campus building and several in the residence building equipped with personal computers, which are connected to the University's LAN and to the Internet. Excellent computer access is available in the Learning Resource Centre.

Special Services

Students with special needs should contact Ann Nightingale, Director, Learner Services and Registrar for information. Free counselling services on a variety of issues are provided.

Campus Tour

Campus tours available upon request.


The impressive Hatley Castle, completed in 1909 for James Dunsmuir, is a designated federal heritage building.

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