Personnel and Recruitment Officers

(NOC 1223)


These comments are for the career grouping of Administrative and Regulatory Occupations (NOC 122), which includes Personnel and Recruitment Officers.

The development of new human resource management concepts, the anticipated increase in demand for qualified employees, the shrinkage of the pool of potential candidates, the increasing importance of labour training, amendments to legislation and changes to modes of work organization should result in a sharp increase in the number of personnel and recruitment officers in the coming years.

Bachelor's degrees in industrial relations and business administration, as well as a master's degree in personnel management are, in order of importance, the three university programs that supply most candidates to the occupation. The labour market situation of graduates of these university programs is in many respects better than that of most bachelor's degree holders.

Job Seekers: 134,713
Job Openings: 204,093

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: August 03, 2012