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Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

3D Designer Maker Bachelor; Honours
Acting and Screen Performance Bachelor; Honours
Acting and Theatre Arts Bachelor; Honours
Advertising, Film and Music Video Production Bachelor; Honours
Animation Bachelor; Honours
Art and Design with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Cartoon and Comic Arts Bachelor; Honours
CGI and Visual Effects Bachelor; Honours
Computer Gameplay Design and Production Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Gameplay Design and Production Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Animation Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Design Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Design (BEng) Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Design (MEng) Master
Computer Games Design and Programming Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Development Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Games Development Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Development with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Concept Art for Games and Film Bachelor; Honours
Concept Art for Games and Film with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Digital Film and Post Production Technology Bachelor; Honours
Digital Film and Post Production Technology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Electronic Music (Composition and Performance) Bachelor; Honours
Experimental Film Production Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Fashion Bachelor; Honours
Film Production Technology Bachelor; Honours
Film Production Technology (top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Film, Television and Radio Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Film, Television and Radio Bachelor; Honours
Fine Art Bachelor; Honours
Graphic Design Bachelor; Honours
Illustration Bachelor; Honours
Media (Film) Production Bachelor; Honours
Music Business and Production Bachelor; Honours
Music Production Bachelor; Honours
Music Technology Bachelor; Honours
Music Technology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Music Technology (top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Photography Bachelor; Honours
Product Design Bachelor; Honours
Sound Design Bachelor; Honours
Sound Design Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Surface Pattern Design Bachelor; Honours
Textile Surfaces Bachelor; Honours
Transport Design Bachelor; Honours

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Business Information Technology Bachelor; Honours
Business Information Technology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Business Information Technology with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Design and Programming Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Programming Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Games Programming Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Programming (Virtual Reality) Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Programming (Virtual Reality) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Games Programming (Virtual Reality) with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Programming with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Computer Networks (top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Computer Networks and Security Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Networks and Security Master
Computer Networks and Security Bachelor; Honours
Computer Networks and Security with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Master
Computer Science with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Computing Bachelor; Honours
Computing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computing (top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Computing (top-up) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computing with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Games Art Bachelor; Honours
Games Art with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Network Computing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Network Computing Bachelor; Honours
Network Computing with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Virtual Reality Design Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Virtual Reality Design Bachelor; Honours
Web Design Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Web Design Bachelor; Honours
Web Design with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Web Development Bachelor; Honours
Web Development Master
Web Development Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Web Development (top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Web Development with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Advertising, Film and Music Video Production Bachelor; Honours
Criminology with Offender Management Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Games Journalism and PR Bachelor; Honours
Games Studies Bachelor; Honours
Geography Bachelor; Honours
Geography (Human) Bachelor; Honours
Geography (Physical) Bachelor; Honours
Geography (with Mountain Leadership) Bachelor; Honours
Journalism Bachelor; Honours
Journalism (Accelerated) Bachelor; Honours
Journalism with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Law Bachelor; Honours
Law (Accelerated) Bachelor; Honours
Law (Criminology) Bachelor; Honours
Law with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology and Child Development Bachelor; Honours
Psychology and Counselling Bachelor; Honours
Psychology and Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Social Welfare Law, Policy and Advice Practice Bachelor; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology, Criminology and Deviance Bachelor; Honours
Sports Journalism Bachelor; Honours
Terrorism and Criminology Bachelor; Honours

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Aeronautical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Aeronautical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Aeronautical Engineering Master
Automotive Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Automotive Engineering Master
Automotive Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Master
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Engineering with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Mechanical Engineering Master
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Motorsport Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Motorsport Engineering Master
Motorsport Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Software Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Software Engineering Master
Software Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Software Engineering with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Football Coaching and Performance (Accelerated) Bachelor; Honours
Healthcare Science Bachelor; Honours
Midwifery Practice Bachelor; Honours
Nursing Practice (Adult) Bachelor; Honours
Nursing Practice (Child) Bachelor; Honours
Nursing Practice (Mental Health) Bachelor; Honours
Operating Department Practice Bachelor; Honours
Operating Department Practice Diploma
Osteopathy Master
Osteopathy Bachelor; Honours
Paramedic Science Bachelor; Honours
Pharmaceutical Science Master
Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor; Honours
Pharmaceutical Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Pharmaceutical Science with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Sport and Exercise Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Sports Coaching Bachelor; Honours
Sports Coaching with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Sports Strength and Conditioning (Accelerated) Bachelor; Honours
Sports Therapy Bachelor; Honours

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Criminology with Offender Management Bachelor; Honours
Cyber Security Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Cyber Security Bachelor; Honours
Cyber Security with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Biology Master
Forensic Biology Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Forensic Computing Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Computing Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Forensic Computing with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Investigation Master
Forensic Investigation Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Forensic Investigation Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Investigation with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Science Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Science Master
Forensic Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Policing and Criminal Investigation Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Policing and Criminal Investigation Bachelor; Honours
Policing and Criminal Investigation Master

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting and Finance BA Bachelor; Honours
Accounting and Finance BA (Accelerated) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (accelerated) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Esports Bachelor; Honours
Esports with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Events Management Bachelor; Honours
Events Management with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Health and Social Care Bachelor; Honours
International Business Management Bachelor; Honours
Marketing Management Bachelor; Honours
Marketing Management with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Social Work Bachelor; Honours
Tourism Management (top-up) Bachelor; Honours
Visitor Attraction and Resort Management Bachelor; Honours

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Biological Science Master
Biological Science Bachelor; Honours
Biological Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biological Science with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Science Master
Biomedical Science Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Chemistry Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Master
Chemistry with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
Ecology and Conservation Practice Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Ecology and Conservation Practice Bachelor; Honours
Human Biology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Human Biology Bachelor; Honours
Human Biology Master

Humanities and Languages

English Bachelor; Honours
English (Accelerated) Bachelor; Honours
English and Creative Writing Bachelor; Honours
English and Creative Writing with Foundation Year Bachelor; Honours
History (Modern and International) Bachelor; Honours
History (Modern) Bachelor; Honours


Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Ecology and Conservation Practice Bachelor; Honours
Ecology and Conservation Practice Bachelor; Co-op; Honours

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