Sprott Shaw College - Abbotsford Campus

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Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting & Payroll Administrator with Practicum Diploma
Advanced Business Management Diploma; Co-op
Advanced Customer Service Professional Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration Bookkeeping Diploma
Business Administration Bookkeeping with Practicum Diploma
Business Administration Management Diploma
Business Administration Management Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration Management – HBSO CORe Diploma
Business Administration Management – HBSO CORe Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration Management with Practicum Diploma
Business Administration Management with Practicum Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration Management with Practicum – HBSO CORe Diploma
Business Administration Payroll Diploma
Business Administration Payroll (Accelerated) Diploma
Business Administration Payroll with Practicum Diploma
Business Administration Principles Diploma
Business Administration Principles Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration Principles (Accelerated) Diploma
Business Administration Principles with Practicum Diploma
Business Administration Sales & Digital Marketing Diploma
Business Administration Sales & Digital Marketing Diploma; Co-op
Business Administration Sales & Digital Marketing with Practicum Diploma
Business Communication Management Diploma
Business Communication Management with Hospitality Diploma; Co-op
Business Fundamentals Diploma
Business Fundamentals with Practicum Diploma
Community Support Worker Diploma
Community Support Worker - Social Services Diploma
Executive Office Administrator Diploma
Executive Office Administrator (Accelerated) Diploma
Executive Office Administrator with Practicum Diploma
Global Business Management Post-diploma; Online
Global Business Management with Co-op Post-diploma; Co-op; Online
Global Business Management with Co-op – HSBO Core Post-diploma; Co-op; Online
Global Business Management with Practicum Post-diploma; Online
Global Marketing Management Diploma; Co-op
Global Marketing Management – HBSO CORe Diploma; Co-op
Global Marketing Management with Practicum Diploma
Hospitality Management 1 Diploma; Co-op
Hospitality Management 1 with Practicum Diploma
Hospitality Management 2 Diploma; Co-op
Hospitality Management 2 with Practicum Diploma
International Trade Diploma
International Trade and Business Management with Practicum Diploma
International Trade with Practicum Diploma
Tourism & Hospitality Management Diploma; Co-op
Tourism & Hospitality Management Diploma
Tourism & Hospitality Management with Pracitucm Diploma
Tourism / Hospitality Management & Business Administration Principles Accelerated Diploma; Co-op
Tourism / Hospitality Management & Business Administration Principles Accelerated Diploma

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Industrial Design Diploma
Interior Design Diploma
Interior Design Diploma; Co-op


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