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Our 12 faculties offer more than 200 undergraduate programs in traditional fields as well as some leading edge programs unique to Western. Only here can you get a degree in Health Information Management or specialize in practical and critical issues involving cyberspace.

Second Level Entry Professional Programs

After your first year, the choices are even broader. Choices include Education, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, and Business Administration. A wide variety of post-graduate programs are also an option, some allow you to further explore your undergraduate discipline, while others such as Occupational or Physical Therapy, Journalism, or Library and Information Science give you valuable professional education.

International Exchanges

Obtain your degree from Western while exploring other parts of the world. We have students studying on almost every continent!

Internship Programs

Many programs at Western offer internships opportunities. Participating corporations say they prefer internships to co-op programs, because interns come to the job with more education. Paid internships are 12 or 16 months, giving you enough time to add significant work experience to your portfolio. You also gain valuable contacts. Students selected for internships are usually the first to get jobs after graduation.

Academic Excellence

Ranked No.1 in Canada for academic support. Ranked No.1 in Canada for quality of teaching.

Our Professors

Academic excellence is at the heart of Western and that quality starts with our award winning faculty. Every year, our professors are recognized both nationally and internationally for their teaching and research achievements. Your success in first year is important to us, which is why we have more tenured faculty teaching first year courses than any other university in the country.

Great Peers

Your peers will be some of the brightest students in Canada; last year's average entering grade was 88.2%. Western has had three Rhodes Scholars in the past five years. Just imagine how much your future friends and fellow students will enrich your education!

Leading Research

Some of the exciting projects Western professors and students are working on include mapping deep brain function, determining how the Internet can help breast cancer patients, and taking an interdisciplinary look at history and the structure of intellectual thought. The world renowned researchers involved in these projects are the same people who will be teaching you. This is what makes Western one of the top ten research universities in Canada.

Academic Environment

Ranked No. 1 in Canada for campus attractiveness.

Our Beautiful Campus
Our campus is truly one of the most spectacular in Canada with a blend of gothic and modern architecture, rock gardens, Japanese gardens, and abundance of trees. Take a walk through the Sherwood Fox Arboretum or walk around campus and search for our unique art pieces located throughout campus. With the Thames River winding through campus, you'll find a variety of picturesque spots to study at Western.

Great Scholarships
If you have an entering admission average of 90% or higher, Western has an automatic admission scholarship for you valued between $2,500 to $8,000.

Financial Aid
At Western, we offer more than $16 million in financial aid, including more than 2,000 on-campus Work Study opportunities, which provide financial assistance as well as valuable work experience.

Areas of Expertise

Undergraduate Programs

One of the advantages of studying at Western is the wide variety of courses and programs to choose from. Regardless of what your interests are, there is a program at Western to suit you. There are 200 different programs in our 12 faculties and you can choose from over 90 different courses in first year alone. Many of our programs begin with Western’s common first year while others take you directly into specialized first year studies.

At Western, we offer programs that range from the traditional to the leading edge. You can study Old English Literature, pop culture, or Mediterranean Studies in the Arts. In the Social Sciences, discover how the media shape political images and attitudes, or study how the brain affects our behaviour. In the Faculty of Science, study the laws of nature, black holes, pulsars and quasars, or the complex interrelationships humans have with medicine, the environment, and the organisms that reside on earth. Explore the issues of the burgeoning information economy in our popular undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies.

The Common First Year

Your first year in Arts, Science, Social Science, Kinesiology, or Media, Information, and Technoculture is a time to explore a wide variety of disciplines. You will take introductory courses and gain broad knowledge while meeting new friends with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. By the end of this year, you will be able to make an informed decision about choosing your major based on your academic strengths and interests.

The Degree Structure

There are four possible modules of study, which may be entered after your first year:

- Honors Specialization (9.0 or more specified principal courses)

- Specialization (9.0 or more specified principal courses)

- Major (6.0 to 7.0 specified principal courses)

- Minor (4.0 to 5.0 specified principal courses)

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Co-ed:Lowest: $7,410Highest: $10,100

If you are a single student, without children, coming directly from high school, and receive an offer of full-time, first-year admission to Western's main campus by mid-May, then a place in residence is guaranteed. In order to retain your guaranteed space, your deposit of $900 must be received in our office by the deadline date outlined on your offer of residence.
(Please note that students registered at Brescia, Huron or King's are ineligible to apply for residence on main campus.)

Off Campus Housing

The Off-Campus Housing Service strives to provide students/staff a variety of housing options with over 5,000 listings annually.
Receive personal assistance from Western staff members regarding rental listings and searches in Room 102 Elgin Hall, Mon - Fri from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm or call 519-661-3550 / email off-campus.housing@uwo.ca.
A computer, located in the foyer of Elgin Hall, is available for searching off-campus listings during business hours.

Incoming Students

Leadership and Mentorship Program (LAMP) Lights the Way

Unique to Western, this award winning program consists of two parts:

1. The Peer Mentorship Program

- Links small groups of first year students with an upper year student, a peer mentor from their faculty.
- Activities range from sharing a meal to attending academic events, to chatting with professors to volunteering in the community.

2. The Leadership Education Program is free and open to all Western students. It focuses on:
- Developing leadership skills through hands on educational experience.
- Participating in workshops, which lead to a letter of accomplishment in student leadership.

Off-Campus Dons
The Off-Campus Don program provides first year students living off-campus with important links to university life at Western. Upper year, Off-Campus Dons provide support, guidance, and regular contact to first year students who are not living in residence. All students in the program have an opportunity to participate in our philanthropy, health and wellness, social, faculty, and academic communities.

Academic Advising
We provide a vital service to all mature students by combining delivery of accurate information with timely assistance and a friendly ear to help students in all aspects of decision making.

Study Groups
Want to get to know people in your first year classes and get the support you need for academic success? Study groups meet outside the classroom to work on assignments and study for upcoming tests.

Are you WISE?
High achieving Grade 11 and 12 students may be interested in taking one tuition free course through the Western's Initiative for Scholarly Excellence (WISE) program. If you are considering attending university, but want to know more about what to expect, this course is for you! Experience a sample lecture, use the library, complete a written assignment, talk about reading, and much more. Available in both classroom and distance studies formats. Open to all ages.

Tel: (519) 661-3559

Career Planning

Career Education
Programs to assist you with all stages of career development and job search. Individual counselling and workshops to help you to:
- Establish a sense of direction and identify skills developed in academic programs.
- Plan and implement an effective job search before graduation.

We also provide:
- Online job postings available for current students (summer and part-time positions), new graduates, and alumni.
- Daily Job Search Clinic available on a drop in basis.
- All Campus Career Fair.
- Internship program providing real world work experience prior to graduation.
- Career interest testing online to help you narrow down your options.
- Self serve resource library including information on various educational programs, international opportunities, volunteer positions, job search strategies, and career paths.
- Interview preparation workshops and practice interview sessions.
- Faculty based career programs to provide you with information specific to your field of study.


Western Sports and Recreation Services
Western is widely recognized as having one of the best sports and recreation programs in Canada. Whether your idea of fun is playing intercollegiate football, intramural basketball, weight training, or attending aerobics classes, Western has what you want!

Sports and Recreation Services is the largest employer of students on campus, employing more than 400 students each year to provide leadership in our many programs. Students work part-time in a variety of jobs, as Membership Services associates, intramural officials, league coordinators, lifeguards, fitness instructors, personal trainers, intercollegiate team managers, event staff, and more. We also employ students through Western's Work-Study program and offer internship placements to several fourth year Kinesiology students.


Campus Recreation Services
Campus Recreation Services provides a wide variety of drop in activities, intramural sports, instructional courses, sport clubs, and personal wellness services to meet the diverse fitness and recreation needs of all Western students. Our facilities are open long hours year-round to provide ample opportunity for busy students to make fitness a part of their lifestyle.

Campus Recreation Services also boasts one of the largest intramural sports programs in Canada. Nearly 10,000 students participate on hundreds of teams in an astounding array of sports. No matter what your favourite sport is or what skill level you are at, Campus Recreation Services' intramural program has something for you!


There is literally something for everyone at Western, with more than 130 clubs and associations focused on everything from ethnic heritage and religious affiliation to volunteerism and future careers. These are just a few of the 130 plus clubs available (for a complete list, please look online.

Information Technology

Information Technology Services (ITS)
Computing and access to the Internet has never been easier or more diverse. All students receive a free personal e-mail account. This account provides access to the Internet, online courses, and the general purpose computer labs. Wireless is available in all buildings (excluding residences) and most areas on campus.

We operate the ITS Helpdesk located in the Support Services Building. Walk in assistance is available as well as support by telephone and via email.

Contact: Tel: (519) 661-3800 E-mail: helpdesk@uwo.ca


The University Students' Council (USC)
The University Students' Council is the largest and most active student government in Canada. As the student voice, the USC lobbies all levels of government to improve the climate in which all universities operate. We are committed to making your university experience affordable, accessible, and of the utmost quality, both socially and academically. There are countless ways to get involved with student government and develop invaluable skills. From being a direct representative on the council to sitting on committees, the USC provides endless avenues of involvement.

The USC recognizes that learning outside the classroom is an important component of your university experience. To facilitate your growth throughout your university career, we offer programming as diverse as our student population. We run an extensive Orientation program, over 130 clubs, multicultural activities, awareness weeks, artistic showcases, and theatrical performances; all run for the students by the students! We also own and operate Canada's only daily student newspaper, The Gazette, as well as an award winning radio station and TV network. These events and opportunities offer you a special space to showcase your interests and talents, as well as become a campus leader and events planner.

Beyond student government and programming, the USC provides students with a wide range of value added services. We do our best to provide you with cost effective resources on campus. Our services and operations also give students the opportunity to gain part-time employment and valuable work experience.

Special Services

Accessible Education
Accessible Education plays a central role in Western’s efforts to ensure that its academic programs are accessible for all students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. We arrange academic accommodation for classes, exams, internships and other course or program activities, as well as provide digital and Braille textbooks, accessible campus transportation, learning strategy instruction for students with learning disabilities, access to computer labs that are equipped with assistive technology, referrals for assessments and other services, and bursaries for students who meet OSAP’s eligibility criteria.

Affiliated Institutions

Applied Electrostatics Research Centre
Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory
Centre for Activity and Aging
Centre for American Studies
Brain and Mind Institute
Centre for Building Sustainable Value
International Centre for Olympic Studies
Centre for Research and Teaching in Canadian Native Languages
Centre for Studies in Family Medicine
Centre for the Study of International Economic Relations
Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism
Chemical Reactor Engineering Centre
Geotechnical Research Centre
National Centre for Audiology
Robarts Research Institute
Political Economy Research Group
Population Studies Centre
Lawson Health Research Institute
Surface Science Western
Laboratory for Stable Isotope Science
Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research
Advanced Facility for Avian Research
The Biotron Experimental Climate Change Research Centre
Centre for Environment and Sustainability
Interface Science Western
Ontario Research Centre for Computer Algebra
Western Nanofabrication Facility
Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration
Canadian Lunar Research Network
Biomaterials and Medical Devices Research Group
Advanced Fluid Mechanics Research Group
Facility for Intelligent Decision Support
Innovation Centre for Information Engineering
Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction
Optomechatronics Research Laboratory
Particle Technology Research Centre
Insurance Research Lab for Better Homes
Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Institute (WindEEE)
Asian Management Institute
Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing
Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership
Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre
Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation
Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management
Pierre L. Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

International Involvement

As a Western student, you can study at more than 100 universities around the world and earn credit toward your Western degree!

The Program
Imagine what it would be like to study British history in the UK, French literature in Québec, modern languages in Germany, engineering in France, marine biology in Mexico, or media studies in Singapore. Instead of just reading about new places, you can experience them!

- Exchanges are available to more than 35 countries.
- Pay regular Western tuition and avoid international student fees at universities worldwide.
- Bursaries and scholarships available to qualified applicants
- Choose from one term or yearlong exchanges.
- Improve your foreign language skills.
- Go on exchange without even leaving Canada-choose from ten Canadian universities.
- All approved courses count toward your degree.
- Experience another culture first hand without losing time in your studies.

- Students usually apply for an exchange program in their second year and take part in their third year. Eligibility is based on academic achievement in first and second year, and suitability as an ambassador for Western.
- As an exchange student, you study at a partner university and pay Western’s tuition fees. You will have to cover travel to and from the host university, any residence or housing fees at your host institution, as well as daily living expenses.
- Most exchange programs are open to international students studying at Western.

Campus Tour

Reserve your tour space online at welcome.uwo.ca/visit

If you have questions, email visit@uwo.ca or call 519-661-2100 (Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.)


London is a short (approximately two hour) drive from Toronto or Detroit, located at the fork of the Thames River in southwestern Ontario. This multi faceted city is nationally recognized in the areas of medicine, education, the arts, sports, and business.

Western University is situated just north of the centre of London, within walking distance to the cultural heart of the city. It's also just a short walk to one of the city's major shopping centres.

The multi-purpose Budweiser Gardens, located downtown, is home to the OHL London Knights hockey team. Budweiser Gardens hosts concerts such as Carrie Underwood and Elton John, and a variety of special events, like Lord of the Dance, Stars on Ice, and David Copperfield. We also have a semi-pro baseball team in London, and don't forget Western's sports teams and clubs!

With several art galleries, museums, and historical sites, there is so much in London to explore!

Our beautifully restored Grand Theatre, located downtown, is home to a nationally renowned professional theatre season. With titles, like ‘Fiddler on the Roof', ‘Peter Pan', and artists like Jan Arden and Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards, you'll never lack entertainment ideas! Take a study break and join the city at the Home County Music & Art Festival, or eat until you drop at Rib Fest. There's also the Western Fair, featuring a wide assortment of midway rides, animal exhibits, and live entertainment.

Our club and restaurant scene offers a variety of choices that will satisfy just about any dancing, dining, and musical taste. Richmond Row and the downtown core offer intriguing eating choices, from Mexican to Italian and Thai to Jamaican. Coffee shops, vegetarian cafés, fresh markets, and good old fashioned grilles, all make London a city with a little bit of everything to offer.

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