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Founded in 1887, McMaster University owes its origin to the personal fortune of Senator William McMaster, one of Canada's most successful entrepreneurs of the 19th century. Today, McMaster's beautiful, tree lined campus bustles with more than 21,000 full-time and part-time students, and boasts some of the best facilities in Canada including an active, real time stock exchange trading room, a research nuclear reactor, an extensive library system, and one of the finest public art galleries in the country. These facilities support a rich variety of programs that have made McMaster one of the top teaching and research institutions in Canada. Our innovations are many: the first medical school to train doctors using small group, problem based learning; interdisciplinary programs; and programs that stress critical thinking and problem solving skills to give our graduates an edge in the emerging knowledge based, global economy.

Areas of Expertise

McMaster has innovative programming options in arts and science, humanities and social sciences, health sciences, business, science, and engineering. Students can minor in almost every academic subject and have access to many internship and co-op opportunities.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Female only:74 beds
Co-ed:3,611 beds

There are approximately 2900 bed spaces available to first year students. On-campus residence fees range from $4,105 to $6,680 (excluding meal plans). The newest residence opened in fall 2006. It accommodates 390 students in single and double rooms equipped with a private bathroom and offer the same amenities as the other traditional residences.

Off Campus Housing

There is ample housing available off-campus within close walking or busing distance. The Off-campus Resource Centre is available to assist students in their research of off-campus housing options. Please visit the website for details.

Incoming Students

The Centre for Student Development is available to assist students with personal and academic counselling. These services are in addition to orientation programs offered through the First Year Experience Office.

Career Planning

Career Services provides workshops on job searches and resume writing skills. In addition, Career Services hosts an online job posting Web site and provides information on post-graduate educational opportunities.


The recreation, fitness, and intramural programs offer more than 30 different sports in which over 14,000 students participate. The interuniversity athletic program features 34 varsity sport opportunities. The department also offers a full range of instructional and outdoor education programs throughout the calendar year.


The athletic facilities include a new athletics and recreation complex featuring one of the largest collegiate fitness centres in Canada: seven gymnasiums, a 50 metre swimming pool, a 400 metre outdoor track, a 200 metre indoor track, squash courts, and indoor climbing wall. McMaster offers a comprehensive intramural program. For details, please visit the website.


McMaster supports over 200 student clubs covering a broad range of subjects. For a full club listing, please visit the website.

Information Technology

Students have access to four student technology centres located across campus. All labs are equipped with computers and provide access to popular and specialized software programs. Student residences are wired with Ethernet connections to provide students with high speed computer network connections. The McMaster University General Student Information system (MUGSI) is a World Wide Web interface to student data, which allows students to view and print their university related academic, financial, and personal information.


Cultural services and institutions include the McMaster Museum of Art, drama productions and musical performances, various guest lecturers, and special exhibits.

Special Services

The Indigenous Studies counsellor, and Ability and Access staff provide services for Aboriginal students and students with disabilities. A sexual harassment officer and human rights officer assist both male and female students in confidence. The Centre for Student Development can assist students with many issues including the accessibility of campus facilities, and the provision of special equipment and alternative media formats, as well as referrals to professional services or community resources.

Affiliated Institutions

McMaster University is associated with the following research centres and institutions: McMaster Divinity College; Bertrand Russell Editorial Project; Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research; CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research; Centre for Advanced Polymer Processing and Design (CAPPA-D); Centre for Antimicrobial Biotechnology; Centre for Electrophotonic Materials and Devices; Centre for Gene Therapeutics; Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis; Centre for Peace Studies; Centre for Pulp and Paper Research; Centre for the Evaluation of Medicines; Centre for Studies of Children at Risk; Communications Research Laboratory; Experimental Economics Laboratory; Father Sean O'Sullivan Research Centre (St. Joseph's Hospital); Geographical Information Systems Laboratory; Hamilton Civic Hospitals Research Centre; Hamilton Clinical Research Institute; Health and Social Services Utilization Research Unit; Health Information Research Unit; Institute for Applied Health Sciences; Institute for Energy Studies; Institute for Environment and Health; Institute for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Institute for Polymer Production Technology; Institute for the Study of Ancient and Forensic DNA; Intelligent Machines and Manufacturing Research Centre; Management of Innovation and New Technology; McMaster Accelerator Laboratory; McMaster Nuclear Reactor; McMaster Health Sciences International; McMaster Research Centre for the Promotion of Women's Health; Nursing Effectiveness; Utilization and Outcomes Research Unit; Power Research Laboratory; R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre for Gerontological Health Research; Research Institute for Quantitative Studies in Economics and Population; Steel Research Centre; Supportive Cancer Care Research Unit; and the William J. McCallion Planetarium.

International Involvement

McMaster University has become increasingly involved around the world in exchange agreements, institutional linkages, and externally funded international projects and programs concerned with collaborative research, education, and human resource development. The University is improving the delivery of services in such sectors as business, environmental protection, community health, engineering, and technology development and transfer. The Office of International Affairs has taken on an expanded international role that seeks to coordinate and facilitate McMaster's expertise in a highly complex and changing global environment. The Office of International Affairs facilitates international collaboration and co-ordinates activities that bring McMaster closer to the University's vision of being acclaimed internationally for its research, education, and community service. The University's mandates continue to grow, however, four main areas include international development projects, international programs, international student recruitment, and international alumni communications. An international students' advisor provides support and guidance for international students and McMaster students who wish to study abroad for a short period of time.

Campus Tour

McMaster offers regular campus tours and residence only tours. Regular campus visits consist of a 75 to 90 minute walking tour, which provides an overview of the entire campus. It includes a visit to one of the residence buildings and is conducted by a student tour guide. Residence tours run from 45 to 60 minutes in length and consist of a walking tour of several residence buildings with a student guide. Both tours are available Monday through Friday at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. by appointment. Tours may be booked online on the website ( Virtual Tours are also available at

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