Canada eSchool

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Canada eSchool is an Internet High School that is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Ontario, Canada. Together with it's affiliate school Ottawa Carleton E-School, it offers one of the largest online high school programs in Canada. Canada eSchool caters to the Secondary School educational needs of student’s worldwide. The Primary focus of the school is to make education available to those aspiring to obtain a high school diploma that will be recognized and accepted by Colleges and Universities in Canada, the UK and throughout the world. With over 50 Ontario Secondary School credit courses available completely online, students can obtain high school credits from the comfort of their home. eSchool helps both local and international students access the courses they need to graduate and apply for entry into the university program of their choice.

Areas of Expertise

Canada eSchool courses are offered in the following subject areas: Business Studies; Canadian and World Studies; English; English as a second Language; Guidance and Career Studies; Mathematics; Science; Social Sciences; The Arts; and eCooperative Education. For more information, please visit our website or call our Admissions Office at 613-443-9522. Enroll now and start your course next week, eSchool is open all year long!

Incoming Students

Business Studies, Canadian and World Studies, English, English as a Second Language, Guidance and Career Studies, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and The Arts.

International Involvement

eSchool recognizes a wide range of educational credits from around the world. Students seeking to obtain their OSSD for entrance into a college or university program can have their existing high school credits evaluated and may receive Ontario equivalent credits. We help students access quality education without leaving their family, friends and local culture. High school students at eSchool have the opportunity to share a virtual classroom and study with other students across the globe.

Modified on June 04, 2009