Canada eSchool

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Requirements for Canadian Students

Canada eSchool offers classes on-line for everyone; including regular day school students, mature students, international students, as well as students with health related issues that keep them from attending conventional classrooms. We can assist students who require a course that is not available in their local school. Our school also works with many public schools, private schools, international schools, tutoring centres and various other institutions (i.e. treatment centers, hospitals and group homes), to assist students that require flexible start dates and the ability to set a modified pace in their course. A complete list of courses is available on our website at

Procedure for Canadian Students

eSchool operates on a weekly registration cycle. Any students that have registered by Friday at 5 pm, will start their course on the following Wednesday after 6 pm, providing that all the required documents and tuition fees have been received. Students must provide proof of course prerequisite. Students must register for courses directly through a participating institution. A complete list is available on our website at

Academic Year

Type of SystemContinuous
Entrance DatesAny
Notes:eSchool recognizes a wide range of educational credits from around the world. Students seeking to obtain their OSSD for entrance into a college or university program can have their existing high school credits evaluated and may receive Ontario equivalent credits. We help students access quality education without leaving their family, friends and local culture. High school students at eSchool have the opportunity to share a virtual classroom and study with other students across the globe.
Language of InstructionEnglish
Modified on June 04, 2009