University of Guelph - Office of Graduate Studies

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The University of Guelph is one of Canada's most research-intensive institutions and a leader in learner-centred education. We are committed to changing lives and improving life for people in Canada and around the globe. Founded in 1964, Guelph provides graduate students with an academic environment that fosters research, innovation and skill development at the very highest level of the discipline. Guelph attracts students who rank among Canada's best, enabling us to provide a challenging academic environment and an educational experience that is diverse and emphasizes a collaborative approach to learning. We are seeking students who pursue excellence and who strive to be leaders.

Areas of Expertise

With over 100 graduate programs, students have access to research that range from the natural and physical sciences to engineering, social sciences, humanities, business, art, agriculture and veterinary science. For more information go to:

Modified on June 13, 2019