University of Calgary - Faculty of Graduate Studies

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The Faculty provides leadership and support for excellence in graduate education and research to about 6,000 graduate students in 54 programs. An important responsibility is to ensure that graduate degrees granted by the University of Calgary meet high national and international standards. The Faculty works to ensure that the best students are recruited and admitted to the University of Calgary by, for example, setting admission and program standards, and through the administration of about $20 million annually in financial awards for graduate study. It also promotes uniform standards of excellence across programs through establishing degree requirements, granting supervisory privileges and approving examiners.

Areas of Expertise

Energy Innovations for Today and Tomorrow

  • Unconventional hydrocarbon resources

  • Hydraulic fracturing

  • Moving toward low carbon energy

  • Understanding cumulative effects of energy-related processes

Infections, Inflammation and Chronic Diseases

  • Adapting to a changing environment

  • Producing safe and healthy food

  • Building and battling microbial biofilms

  • Developing immunotherapies: novel approaches to treatment

  • Managing the economic burden of chronic disease

Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering

  • Integrated approaches for prevention and healthy aging

  • Technologies for improved diagnostics

  • Engineered novel therapeutics

  • Optimized health care system performance

New Earth Space Technologies

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Understanding the influence of Arctic change

  • Understanding the universe near and far

  • Space applications

  • Geospatial technologies

Human Dynamics in a Changing World

  • Understanding how humans adapt to rapid change

  • Smart cities: social and physical infrastructure

  • Secure Societies: national, regional, civic and cyber security

  • Cultural understanding

Brain and Mental Health

  • Brain and behaviour

  • Neural injury and repair

  • Healthy brain aging

  • Neurotechnologies

Modified on June 28, 2022